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2019. október 1. napjával a Pan-Inform Kft adatvédelmi tisztviselőt (DPO) jelölt ki dr. Nagybali Ágnes személyében.
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IRIS University Information Day – 02/07/2018

One of the leading IT technology companies in the world, InterSystems Corporation (USA), held a seminar entitled as “IRIS UNIVERSITY INFORMATION DAY” on 2 July 2018 in Balatonfüred.

InterSystems Corporation was founded in 1978, it deals primarily with the management of large databases, rapid application development and the development of technological solutions supporting multi-level complex integration, primarily in health and state administration. InterSystems’ portfolio includes IRIS Data Platform, the Cache Database Management System, the Ensemble Integration Platform, the HealthShare Healthcare Platform and the TrakCare Health Information System.

The company was represented by Nikolay Krechetov, Central Eastern European Regional Manager of InterSystems Corporation, and István Hahn and Attila Tóth Engineers at Balatonfüred.

The seminar focused on two areas. On the one hand, InterSystems introduced the latest products in its portfolio, primarily IRIS (Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive and Scalable English Acronym). On the other hand, the staff of the American company presented the University Outreach Program, an opportunity for educational co-operation within the framework of which the training of IT professionals in Hungary can be supported by InterSystems.

The seminar was closed with an informal conversation and dialogue where academics could ask questions about the use of InterSystems’ products and systems at university level.


InterSystems Global summit 2017


InterSystems Global Summit 2017

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The Neumann Colloquium and Congress 2013 unveils HISCOM

The Medical Biology Section of John von Neumann Computer Society has organized the 26th Neumann Colloquium and Congress in 2013. On the trade show of national health informatics with a decades of tradition, universities, research institutions, medical institutions and industrial partners present their research and development work in the 22th and 23th of November in Veszprém. On the opening day of the event, in section ‘Sector-wide solution, designing aid and optimization’ Peter Fesus R&D fellow of Pan-Inform Ltd. unveiled the HISCOM.

Péter FésüsThe event's conference room

HISCOM Professional Day – Balatonfüred (18/06/2013, 24/06/2013)

The informaticians of Veszprém County Csolnoky Ferenc Hospital could study the HISCOM system during the professional day. They hold the event in the headquarter of Pan-Inform Ltd – the company who implemented the system – at Balatonfüred.

The Pan-Inform Ltd, the creator of HISCOM connected the Veszprém County Csolnoky Ferenc Hospital, the Erzsébet Hospital and Clinic at Zirc, the Győr County Petz Aladár Teaching Hospital, and the Clinic at Balatonalmádi in this year. On the professional day on 18th of June the informaticians of Veszprém county hospital studied closely the work of the data communication system. A four Northern Trans-Danube medical institutes – as well as the Pándy Kálmán Hospital at Gyula and the County Emergency Hospital at Arad – have different information systems from four different IT provider and yet able to connect to a common IT ‘public utility’ with the aid of HISCOM. The attendees of this event from Veszprém could look deeply into the core processes of the system, and could experience in practice the workflow of the data communication between different systems.

‘It is very important to us – as the inventor of HISCOM – that the informaticians of connected hospital informational systems be aware of the workflow of the inter-institutional system as well as their on own HIS. The users can see the capabilities of HISCOM through the user interface of their existing hospital systems‘ – emphasized the importance of the professional day Molnár Attila, the chief of support of HISCOM.

The Pan-Inform considers this meeting on 18 June, as a first step in a series of events, and wishes to introduce the services and capabilities of HISCOM to the informaticians of the connected systems in the future on similar programs.

The Pan-Inform Ltd. et al: Péter Lakos, Attila MolnárVeszprém Cholnoky Francis Hospital Information Officers


Project Maintenance Report was accepted (17/06/2013)

In the financing system of the Economic Development Operational Programme about the project registered with ID GOP-1.2.1-08-2009-0002 our 1st Project Maintenance Report was accepted on 17/06/2013.

HISCOM at Gyula and Arad (14/06/2013)

HISCOM establishes the communication between the Pándy Kálmán hospital at Gyula and the Arad County Emergency Hospital.

Békéscsaba, Thursday 13 June 2013 (MTI) – Co-operative development projects ended in the hospitals of Gyula and Arad. ‘The programme Treatment Without Borders costs 600 million HUF and the EU donates 90% of this amount’ – was said on the closing event of the project in the Pándy Kálmán hospital at Gyula.

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IHE-Europe Connectathon 2013 (15-19/04/2013)

Like last year, the Pan-Inform Ltd also attended the IHE Connectathon event in this year, which was held in Istanbul between 15 and 19 April 2013.
In addition to the 7 successfully acquired rating in 2012, the company’s management had targeted 5 more qualifications, which our colleagues have successfully completed.

The CAT 2013 on IHE website:

IHE press releases:

István HAHN (InterSystems Corporation):
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IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)- The product

The article focuses on the healthcare informatics interoperability from number of distinct perspectives. The article is an attempt to demonstrate the difficulties of such an interoperability project. Under standing all potential risks might result a higher appreciation of the IHE deliverables.

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Moving house (03/2013.)

The Pan-Inform Ltd. has moved out in Balatonfüred, from 2 Zsigmond street to a modern building at 17/B Fürdő street.

The street facade of the buildingThe south facade of the building

The challange: Interoperability of healthcare systems

The article puts the focus on the healthcare informatics interoperability from number of distinct perspectives. The article is an attempt to demonstrate the difficulties of such an interoperability project. Unders tan d – ing all potential risks might result a higher appreciation of the Integrated Health Enterprise (IHE) deliverables.

Milestone in healthcare informatics

The article is an introduction to the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise® or “IHE”, which is one of the initiatives in the healthcare information technology interoperability field. The author introduces the goals of the founders as well as the history and processes of IHE. There is a beginners guide to the basic terms used by the IHE community.

Nick Thorpe, the journalist of BBC made an on-site interview about the HISCOM

Following the international press conference held in Balatonfüred about the IHE qualification, journalists showed major interest towards the HISCOM. Among others, agency stuff Géza Molnár from the French AFP visited the lakeside headquarters of Pan-Inform Ltd – the developer of the system – as well as reporter Nick Thorpe from BBC, who can be seen on the photos. Gábor Zsolt Náray the Managing Director of Pan-Inform, and Péter Fésüs the research fellow of the development team gave the interview in English to Mr. Thorpe.

Nick Thorpe and Péter FésüsNick Thorpe, Gábor Zsolt Náray and Péter Fésüs

International press conference (CAT2012 – 29/08/2012)

The first international assessment of HISCOM has proved to be a success: the staff of Pan-Inform Kft., Balatonfüred, Hungary, achieved an outstanding result at the IHE certification event held in Berne on 21–25 May 2012. This recognition is all the more remarkable because other Hungarian R&D products have not even prequalified for IHE. The system’s success was met by a considerable international response, which is sure to pave the way for the sale of HISCOM in Europe, America and Asia.

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The press conference participantsThe press conference participants

IHE-Europe Connectathon 2012

Preparing to the international IHE event in Bern, the HISCOM successfully accomplished the throughout preliminary test in all 7 profiles.
With this achievement we stepped forward to the effective participation on the one week long practical test series in May, during the IHE’s Connectathon event.

Bern - SwitzerlandVenue

A rendezvény hivatalos kisfilmje:

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Egy nap a Connectathon-on:

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The HISCOM was introduced to the viewers of Hungarian Television’s channel m1

Managing Director, Mr. Gabor Naray, was the guest in the ‘Ma reggel’ talk show, one of the most-watched programme of the public television’s channel. During the interview the most interesting topic was the positive effects of HISCOM to the population.

The Deputy Prime Minister, dr. Tibor Navracsics’s visit (16/02/2012)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Public Administration Tibor Navracsics was also present at the practical presentation of HISCOM (Hospital Information Systems COMmunication), the data communication system developed by Pan-Inform Kft. Following the successful closure of the research and development phase of the project entitled “Inter-institutional data communication programme for the healthcare providers of the Pannon region” (GOP-1.2.1-08-2009-0002), the system has now reached the utilisation phase.

Press release

Tibor Navracsics and Gábor Zsolt NárayThe press conference participants

Professional Presentation (15/02/2012)

Professional Presentation

We held a practical, professional live show in the System Sciences Innovation Center in Balatonfüred, on 15 February 2012. In the morning László Keszthelyi senior R & D system architect and Péter Fésüs R & D fellow held an education about HISCOM. This was followed with the demonstration of the live system by the colleagues of Pan-Inform Ltd. At the end of the program the participants asked questions about the operation of HISCOM.

The professional presentation participantsA professional exhibition venue

Final Project Progress Report

Download final project progress report

HISCOM closing Session (23/11/2011)

Within a matter of days, work on the development of the inter-institutional data communications system that is set to fundamentally reform information technology in the health sector is to be completed. The HISCOM project has been executed as part of the Economic Development Operational Programme of the National Development Agency by Pan- Inform Kft., based in Balatonfüred. The development of the programme was supported by a non-refundable grant of HUF 300 million from the European Union, with co-financing provided by the European Regional Development Fund.

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ATV news:
Füred TV:
HírTV, Gyógyhír:

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eHealthWeek 2011 (10-12/05/2011)

Political and IT managers, as well as hospital decision makers from all over Europe came to Budapest to the e-Health Week Conference in 2011.
The conference strengthens the relationship between the main European healthcare investors, government decision-makers, health care providers, insurance companies, research facilities, distributors and patients’ communities. It also hosted the initiative of government’s healthcare state secretaries of EU members, which aims to harmonize the countries’ e-Health systems in Europe.
The Pan-Inform Ltd attended among the prominent exhibitors, and the company’s managing director Zsolt Gábor NÁRAY gave a presentation at the plenary session.

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IX. National Health Information and Communications Conference (10-11/05/2011)

The e-Health Week 2011 event was held in Budapest, according to the EU presidency of Hungary. On this event the international experts discussed the perspectives of the IT in healthcare, and also introduced the less well-known result of Hungary in this topic. Mr. Zsolt Naray, the executive manager of Pan-Inform Ltd unveiled HISCOM on the conference.

Section VII: Inter institutional data communication, between specialists and doctor-patient.


IME – IT communication between the healthcare providers (05/2011)

The healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, national institutes, specialised clinics, diagnostic centres, GPs, emergency services) need to connect to each other in electronic way since several years.

Project Demonstration (02/12/2010)

Half of the time elapsed from the R&D phase of project HISCOM. This project is implementing by Pan-Inform Ltd. within the framework of the Economic Development Operational Program of the National Development Agency. The EU provides 300 million HUF non-refundable co-financing with the European Regional Development Fund for the realisation of this inter-institutional data communication system.

We organised this presentation in the Csolnoky Ferenc County Hospital in Veszprem.

4. Project Progress Report

Download IV. Project Progress Report

3. Project Progress Report

Download III. Project Progress Report

2. Project Progress Report

Download II. Project Progress Report

1. Project Progress Report

Download I. Project Progress Report