HISCOM is the abbreviation of the Hospital Information Systems’ Communication.

The goal of HISCOM research and development project to design and implement a system model and a working solutions, which creates data connection between healthcare system stakeholders (hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation institutes, general practitioners, private physicians, pharmacies, insurance companies, health fund agencies, patients, etc.), and ensures the relevant data- and information security requirements.

It also aims the creation of new opportunities by creating the data connection, which leads to optimisation and improved effectiveness in healthcare systems, e.g. the patients have full access to their own case histories, information transfers only the relevant part of a patient’s case history between institutions, developing telemedicine services, etc.

It provides all this in near real-time, fully integrated into the existing local hospital system, with robust operation (works even if when the local system is out of order), and transfers both documents and their data, throughout multiply channels (local system, internet browser, cell phone, etc.).