HISCOM Professional Day – Balatonfüred (18/06/2013, 24/06/2013)


The informaticians of Veszprém County Csolnoky Ferenc Hospital could study the HISCOM system during the professional day. They hold the event in the headquarter of Pan-Inform Ltd – the company who implemented the system – at Balatonfüred.

The Pan-Inform Ltd, the creator of HISCOM connected the Veszprém County Csolnoky Ferenc Hospital, the Erzsébet Hospital and Clinic at Zirc, the Győr County Petz Aladár Teaching Hospital, and the Clinic at Balatonalmádi in this year. On the professional day on 18th of June the informaticians of Veszprém county hospital studied closely the work of the data communication system. A four Northern Trans-Danube medical institutes – as well as the Pándy Kálmán Hospital at Gyula and the County Emergency Hospital at Arad – have different information systems from four different IT provider and yet able to connect to a common IT ‘public utility’ with the aid of HISCOM. The attendees of this event from Veszprém could look deeply into the core processes of the system, and could experience in practice the workflow of the data communication between different systems.

‘It is very important to us – as the inventor of HISCOM – that the informaticians of connected hospital informational systems be aware of the workflow of the inter-institutional system as well as their on own HIS. The users can see the capabilities of HISCOM through the user interface of their existing hospital systems‘ – emphasized the importance of the professional day Molnár Attila, the chief of support of HISCOM.

The Pan-Inform considers this meeting on 18 June, as a first step in a series of events, and wishes to introduce the services and capabilities of HISCOM to the informaticians of the connected systems in the future on similar programs.

The Pan-Inform Ltd. et al: Péter Lakos, Attila MolnárVeszprém Cholnoky Francis Hospital Information Officers